We want to pray into the present day fulfillment of Matthew 9:38! "Lord of the Harvest, send out laborers to the Harvest field!!!".

Throughout the entire year of 2017 we want to partner with campuses and ministries along the east coast in worship and intercession to see students awakened to live missionally on their campuses and to the ends of the earth. We are calling this vision "Awaken." We are not calling students to a movement, but rather the body to unity.

College campuses all across America are flooded by students from all corners of the world who have gathered to receive an excellent education. We are praying that they would actually come and have deep encounters with the man Christ Jesus, and just like the Samaritan woman, turn into the greatest missionaries we have yet to see in our time.

You play a huge part in this. We respect and honor you as ministers and ambassadors to your campus. For this reason we simply desire to meet with you to pray; to support and encourage you through lasting relationship; and to create an environment where Holy Spirit can move, speak, and activate us.  

We are praying that you as students would see the rich opportunity God has placed before you during your time in University. It is YOU who will change the landscapes of the campuses. It is YOU who will shepard, steward, and build this next Awakening on campuses with God. Partner with us this year as we pursue God in an intentional and intense way on your campus. 

Join the Journey.



24+ Campuses

6 Regional nights 

Campus Revival

We will be visiting 24+ campuses and putting on 6 regional nights of worship/intercession.

The 24+ nights of continual prayer and worship will be hosted on various campuses along the East Coast.

We expect that these nights would inspire an Acts 2 type of unity amongst the campus fellowships and that students would be marked to live missionally on their respective campuses similar to the "Cambridge 7" in the days of the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions.

In addition to that, we want to host 6 Regional Nights of prayer and worship with local ministries to do an extended time of intercession and worship, i.e. twelve to twenty-four hours of continual worship and intercession.

We are believing that these Regional Gatherings would spark unity and relationship between the local student body and local ministries. So that after the event there can be continual support from the local body for the campus fellowships.